Buying Local This Holiday Season


At the threshold of the busy holiday season, we’d like to put out a plea to our followers to keep their local stores and other small businesses in mind.

You’ll see lots and lots of social media posts and articles on sites like Buzzfeed and Eater that link you to sources like Amazon. There are all kinds of reasons for this, including the fact that everyone knows Amazon and that, like Walmart or other big box retailers, they have the wherewithal to undercut other merchants on price. Who doesn’t like a great deal?

But as you’ll see in this graphic borrowed from, a great deal doesn’t always stay a great deal when you consider its full economic impact.

It’s also true that most people who open small shops actually like dealing with other people. They like answering questions about what they sell, making suggestions for great gifts, and getting to know the folks who walk in the door or call on the phone.

We’d certainly describe ourselves that way. And we hope to earn your business this season.