The 2017 Holiday Cookie Contest

Are your holidays extra magical because you bake a special cookie?
Are you ready to pit your favorite against the best other New Yorkers have to offer?
Enter the Kitchen Arts & Letters Holiday Cookie Contest!

Judging takes place at the store on Sunday, December 3 starting at 1 pm.

Impartial decisions from our august panel of judges, including:

Katherine Yang of Gigi Blue

Stella Parks, author of Bravetart

Erin Clarkson of Cloudy Kitchen


1. Enter by December 1.

Send an email to cookiecontest @ (you will need to close up the spaces in that address). Give us your name and phone number. There is no entry fee.

2. Deliver 1 dozen cookies by 12:30 on December 3.

You can also drop them off on December 2 between noon and six. Include a note telling us your name, whatever it is you call your cookie, and where the recipe came from. It’s cool to use a recipe from a recent book or one your grandmother gave you forty years ago. Just credit your source. If you made up the recipe yourself, that’s also cool.

3. Enter only cookies which you mixed and baked yourself!

Yeah, we know that seems obvious but someone out there will try something shifty otherwise. And they have to be cookies! Not candies, fruitcakes (yum!), or cute little pies. We get to decide if something is not a cookie.

4. Anyone can enter!

Except current employees of the bookstore. You don’t have to be on-premises when judging concludes at 1:30, but if you aren’t, you can’t sample all the other entries.

5. WIN!

Each judge will select a winner, who will get:
Bravetart by Stella Parks
$100 Kitchen Arts & Letters Gift Certificate

Bragging rights!

Questions? Email us at

Would you rather bake fruitcake?

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