1210 More Very Good Cocktails

1210 More Very Good Cocktails

Stew Ellington

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We were strong fans of Ellington’s earlier 901 Very Good Cocktails. Not only did it deliver exactly that many dependable recipes, most of them for established classics, it was tricked out with a series of list of drinks grouped into categories such as “preprandial,” “post-prandial,” “tart,” and “potent.” For his second book, Ellington focuses more on the new wave of craft cocktails that is circling the globe, including drinks from bars in Singapore, Moscow, and Madrid, along with contributions from American all-stars such as Jim Meehan and Gaz Regan. And again, Ellington provides those oh-so-handy lists, along with indices by liquor and by other ingredients. More than worthwhile.

Color photographs and illustrations. Paperback.

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