So Good

So Good

Richard Blais
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Adventurous home cooks will find much to relish here in this energetic collection from Blais, Top Chef-winner and restaurant chef who's eager to get non-professionals to take a step toward the edge of their comfort zones. You might consider this a gateway book to modernist home cooking. While every recipe it contains can be prepared using equipment found in a standard home kitchen, in many recipes Blais provides suggestions for employing things such as a sous-vide set up or liquid nitrogen (as in a dish of oysters with a kimchi cocktail sauce pictured here in which the sauce can be served fresh or or in flash-frozen little pearls).

But even if your kitchen set-up is wholly traditional you can take away a host of great flavor ideas, such as oven-roasted concord grapes on ricotta toasts; a verdant bucatini puttanesca in which the familiar tomatoes are replaced with green olives, spinach, and zucchini; and a roast chicken with pineapple vinegar and chile. You're definitely not going to decide that you have seen all these ideas before.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

For a limited time we have copies signed by the author.