Colman Andrews

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Andrews' contributions to the culinary world include Saveur magazine, which he cofounded, and seven previous books, most notably on regional European cooking (Catalan Cuisine, Flavors of the Riviera, The Country Cooking of Ireland). This memoir is, as he says, the story of his life in restaurants. In mid-20th-century Los Angeles, he and his parents dined out often in some of the town’s storied places, and he’s kept up that habit ever since. With chapters on Chasen’s in West Hollywood, Piccolo Mondo in Rome, Eleven Madison Park in New York, and elBulli in Spain, among many others, Andrews evokes the spirit of widely diverse establishments in exploring why each had a significant role to play in his life. Boldface names appear on nearly every page, from Lana Turner and Jeanne Moreau to Wolfgang Puck and Juan Mari Arzak. It’s a dazzling life.

Paperback. Color photo inserts.

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