Shanghai Soup Dumpling Index

Shanghai Soup Dumpling Index

Christopher St. Cavish and Ailadi Cortelletti

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We can think of several reasons you'd want this brilliantly informative little packet:

#1. You're obsessed with soup dumplings and have the means or determination to go to Shanghai and can then use it as a guIde to the 52 restaurants the authors sampled in their rigorous comparisons.

#2. You're fascinated by the ways in which science can be applied to the analysis of an everyday food item: "Four measurements were collected: the weight of the intact dumpling (g); the weight of the soup (g); the weight of the filling (g); and the thickness of the skin (mm). This data was then calculated with the formula [(Filling + Soup / Thickness of Skin) x100] to assign a score representing the quality of structural engineering, the major challenge in the construction of a [soup dumpling] that meets the colloquial standards."

#3. You want to experience an example of over-the-top food nerdiness replete with a map; a complete explanation of methodology; an analysis of whether and when a first-rate dumpling left to cool is surpassed in satisfaction by a freshly-steamed but otherwise mediocre example; a pocket scorecard best used by those with young eyes; and schematics demonstrating the ratio of filling to soup to skin in dumplings from the 18 highest scoring establishments. Also included: a postcard and three cool stickers.
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