Modernist Bread Early Purchase Offer

Modernist Bread Early Purchase Offer

Nathan Myhrvold and Francisco Migoya
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Save $100 off the list price and get other goodies too! Special Pricing extended!

Publication moved to Fall 2017!

We know there are other sellers out there trying to convince you to buy from them.
And we're the little guys, but you've made us feel we're important to you, and we want to stick around. So we’re going to try hard—and then harder—-to earn your business.
We don’t have the splashy technology or the deep pockets of a nearly $400 billion company. Our investors are three people who poured their life savings and that of a few of their relatives into starting up this independent specialty bookstore and keeping it going.
What we do have is the kind of knowledge and expertise that comes from 33 years of providing high-end food and drink books to the world’s top professionals.
This even includes helping you decide whether or not you actually need this huge set of gorgeous books. They are an investment, so let’s weigh the pros and cons of adding this set to your collection:

It’s pricey. That’s true. After all, for the cost of these books you could have one great night out at a top restaurant. Or you might score single seat at Hamilton on a Wednesday night when the cast is tired from having done the matinee. And that's if you're willing to sit at the back of the mezzanine.

But spend the same on Modernist Bread and you’ll be investing in lifetime access to the tested results of over four years of in-depth research and experimentation by leading, innovative bakers working with exciting new equipment. You’ll also get to be dazzled by the imaginative photography to which Modernist enthusiasts have become accustomed.
It's a radical departure from what you think you know.  There's been a lot of emphasis over the last few decades on returning to traditional methods of bread making: the approach used by artisans before the rise of industrial production and agriculture. Modernist Bread doesn't start with the assumption that the way it used to be done is the best way to do it now.

But it doesn't throw everything out the window either. The set includes a sweeping global history of bread that will gratify the staunchest traditionalist. And as as we've already pointed out, Modernist Bread is based on rigorous testing in pursuit of best practices. That's regardless of whether those practices are ancient or brand new.
It's only about leavened bread. Also true! No pastry here! No ice cream or sugarwork either. 

But whether you’re a baker with years of experience or a curious cook who geeked out over the original Modernist Cuisine and is baking bread for the first time, you’ll discover the fascinating depth of complexity and beauty of bread, that almost primal food. You’ll be headed down rabbit holes in pursuit of such topics as Maillard reactions, hydration, assessing flour quality, and the basics of microbiology, all of which will give either your professional or home kitchen an edge.

Ok, maybe we’re not pitching that hard on passing up Modernist Bread, and the chances are that if you came to this page, your curiosity was already piqued! So we'll admit it:
You can’t really compare Modernist Bread to anything else.  You’ll get:
Five volumes, plus a compact kitchen manual, housed in a finger-print resistant stainless steel slipcase
More than 2,500 pages of information
Over 1,500 original recipes
The fruits of the Modernist Bread team’s collaboration with authorities such as Dr. Steven Jones, and authors Emily Buehler, Carl Hoseney, Ken Forkish, Richard Miscovich, Apollonia Poilâne, Peter Reinhart, Didier Rosada, and Maria Speck.

To sweeten the deal, here is what we’ll do for you that the Behemoth won’t:

In exchange for making your purchase today, we’ll offer you:
An immediate savings of $100 off the $625 list price.  That’s $525.
A $50 Kitchen Arts & Letters gift certificate sent to you within 48 hours of your purchase (Buy more books!)
The 2017 Modernist Bread Calendar (sells for $14.95). While supplies last.
Full customer service access to our Managing Partner, Matt Sartwell. Question about your order? You’ll have Matt’s personal cell number to get him working on the case for you.

It seems like a long way until Fall, 2017 when books will begin shipping. But the time will come sooner than we realize! We want to play a part in the excitement you feel when that promisingly heavy carton of books appears on your doorstep.

Questions? Ask us!