HieBar Media Platform

HieBar Media Platform

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The HieBAR® Media Platform — premium specialty hardware providing a fundamentally new, convenient and safe way to access your tablets and cookbooks in your kitchen.

♦ Just THREE components easily convert to TWO viewing modes, all part of ONE elegant solution
♦ Fully adjustable (height, tilt, swivel, lateral)
♦ Beautifully “All-Metal-Crafted” in the USA to last a lifetime
♦ Folds up, back or removes when not in use
♦ Easy to install (easier than a towel bar)

Your kitchen is the most dynamic workspace in your home. It’s a place where intelligent, flexible access to your media should not be an afterthought. Invest in the “connected kitchen” solution designed to help you elevate. Invest in HieBAR

Your HieBAR Media Platform Package Includes:
- ONE HieBAR Media Easel (9.25" length x 9.00" width x 2.50" depth of .08" Thick Powder Coated Aluminum)
- ONE HieBAR Bracket-Stand (11.50" length x 7.50" width x 3.50" height of .12" Thick Stainless Steel)
- TWO 11" HieBAR Anodized Aluminum Undercabinet Tracks (.50" high, 4.00" wide, 9.00" sliding range) with Sliding Anchor Posts
- Hardware pack including all necessary parts needed for installation

All you need to install the undercabinet track is a drill, drill bit, driver bit, ruler and pencil.

Cabinet Requirements:

HieBAR will work on virtually all "frameless" (i.e., flat bottom) cabinets and the vast majority "face frame" (i.e., recessed bottom) cabinets. For the recommended installation you will need:

• Cabinet depth of 9 inches or more for “face frame” cabinets; 5 inches or more for “frameless cabinets”
• Cabinet width of 11 inches or more (note: track can be cut down to 5 inches)
• Strong, continuous (i.e., unobstructed), undercabinet mounting surface of at least 5 inches deep x 11 inches wide
• Can be mounted adjacent to forward- or back-set undercabinet lighting (or puck lighting) up to 1/2 inch high. Clearance pack available to clear undercabinet lighting between 1/2 and 1 inch high.

Website orders in the US only. For other countries, please call us at 212-876-5550, or email us at letters [at] kitchenartsandletters.com