How do I get there?

We’re located on Lexington Avenue, between 93rd and 94th Streets in Manhattan. All the shops in our building share the same street address, 1435. We’re the southernmost, between the hobby shop and the dry cleaner.

The closest subway stop is the #6 train to 96th Street; we’re just 2 blocks south on Lexington. You can also take the #4 or #5 train to 86th Street and walk north.

And now, with the Second Avenue Subway open, you can also take the Q train to 96th Street and Second Avenue. The mid-station exit will let you out at 94th Street. Keep in mind that this is an uphill walk.

We’re open:

Monday 1-6

Tuesday-Friday 10-6:30

Saturdays 11-6.

We’re closed on Sundays except in December before Christmas.

We’re closed on Saturdays in July and August and are usually on vacation the week before and after Labor Day (which is an American holiday that takes place on the first Monday in September).

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.
Why don't you list all your books?

Don’t see what you want? Call us at 212-876-5550.

We have upwards of 12,000 books in stock at any point. What we are listing here are recent, interesting, or hard-to-find books, including some that deserve all three labels. This website gives us a place to showcase books you are less likely to find all over the internet, and it lets us do a better job about informing you about the books you do find here.

We are a small, independent operation, and we work hard to offer our customers the kind of expertise they won’t find elsewhere. Instead of doing lots of things, we’re trying to do a few things well.

That said, please do not by shy about asking us questions by email or phone. The inventory here is really just a fragment of what we have on hand and we’d be delighted to do more for you than this website could ever do.

What is your Return Policy?

We want you to be happy with anything you buy from us. Unless we specifically tell you otherwise on the product page for an item, anything you buy from us is returnable for exchange or store credit, no matter why you may not have found it suitable. The item must be returned in original condition. We do not make refunds unless we have made an error in charging you.

Please keep in mind that unless an item is defective, we cannot give you credit for shipping costs in either direction. Anything you return to us needs to be carefully packed so that it is not damaged in transit. A book cannot be safely shipped in a jiffy bag; anything shipped in a box needs sufficient packing material so that it does not move inside the box. If you shake the box and hear or feel the book move inside, it will probably be damaged during shipping.You are also welcome to bring any online purchase into the store for return.

Please feel free to call us at 212-876-5550 before you order with any questions about any item on our website.

How do I get Kitchen Arts to carry my book?

Please email us: Let us know what your book is about, who is publishing it, and when it will be released if it is not already available.

If you are self-publishing — and we are strong supporters of self-publishing — please also let us know your terms for resale. We expect standard book industry discounts but we work very hard to be accommodating to self-published authors.

If your book comes from a publisher other than yourself, please do not assume that we already know about it. Imaginative books sometimes come from publishers who have not previously released food- or drink-related books. They may not know we exist, and we may not even see their listings.

We will tell you frankly that there are some types of books we do not carry. For example, we do not stock diet program books or books which make health promises. We do not feel competent to evaluate these types of books.

However, please keep in mind that most of the books we stock in the store are not listed on this website (see below). If you do not find your book here, it may very well be on our shelves.

How do I sell you my older books?

We buy out-of-print books all the time. We’re sorry but we have so many offers that we cannot send someone to your home to review your collection. We buy very selectively and, as with most book dealers, we can rarely buy entire collections.

If you wish to sell some books, please send us a simple list. We need just three things for each book:
Binding (hardcover, paperback, etc.)

You can email your list to

If you have many hundreds of books and prefer not to prepare a list, you can photograph the spines of the books as they stand on a shelf. We can usually work from these photos.

It will likely take us several days, but rarely more than a week, to compare your list against our needs and to let you know what we may be interested in buying and what we would pay for books in good to very good condition.

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